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Lady Josy Rose 3 & 4 juni @ – The Netherlands


You can be everything to set my dirty, perverse fantasies in motion.
I will drive you to the abyss, to the limits of your mind, and perhaps even far beyond.

You are my art and my passion.

Be relaxed and look deep into my eyes.
Because this moment belongs to us alone.
Your mind and your body will crave me, and your thoughts will be filled with what I might do to you next.
I will control you, use you, and lead you as I please. Taking you completely, with all your senses. You will hear me, feel me, touch me, and taste me. Only to realize – I am close, yet so far. Your desire to suddenly be someone else, for you will never reach me.
Forever, and be sure of it, the memory of how my delicate and mysterious figure breaks your will shall remain. My mere appearance will take your breath away.
My buttocks, however, will take your very last breath.


Feet worship
Naked Sessions,
Golden Shower,
Dirty Games and caviar
Duo Sessions with Melina Sharp